It's hygienic. It's durable. It sticks to the surfaces easily. It creates the most suitable environment for keeping the food fresh longer.

  • With Sera PVC Cling Film, you can prevent the spilling of liquids by wrapping the top of the glasses.
  • You can wrap your sandwiches to keep them hygienic and fresh.
  • With Sera PVC Cling Film you can keep your breakfast food fresh by wrapping it very easily.
  • With Sera PVC Cling Film you can keep all your food fresh longer

In the Microwave Oven:

  • You can use Sera PVC Cling Film to provide fast, homogenous, deep heating in your microwave oven. Your food will get hot without losing the moisture and drying out. It will also prevent juicy foods from splashing and messing up the microwave oven.
  • For a long cooking process, you only need to cover the food container with a PVC Cling film and leave a distance of 5 cm between the food and the film. Also, it will be beneficial to perforate the film with a thin object and to discharge the warming air.


It protects your food from external factors. It is ideal and practical for use in deep freezers and refrigerators.

  • You can carry and maintain both food and non-food products easily by using Sera Freezer Bags.
  • It can be used easily both in the refrigerator and the freezer. It prevents food such as meat and poultry from drying out at low temperatures.
  • Sera Refrigerator Bag is used to store all kind of food by closing its opening easily with special binding clips.


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