As the basis of environment and occupational health policy, Sera Streç is committed to ensure effective use of natural resources in all activities carried out in the fields of environment, occupational health and safety, separating the wastes generated during its activities primarily at source, recycling, eliminating them with the most appropriate methods, always taking safe behavior as the basis and having the culture of health and safety that adopts individual and team responsibility in our employees

Within this framework of the policy:

  • Organizing training activities to raise awareness of our employees on environmental and occupational health safety issues,
  • Using appropriate technology to control and minimize the environmental contamination generated by the process and product,
  • Performing preliminary studies on possible risks in environment, occupational health and safety and taking precautions related to the identified risks,
  • Taking measures against the adverse effects of factors that threaten work safety and human health,
  • Preventing of injury and occupational diseases,
  • Following legal regulations and customer requirements in environmental and occupational health and safety, and providing continuous development and preventing pollution by complying with these regulations and requirements.