Polinas Plastik San ve Tic. While performing the design and production of flexible packaging and food preservation and kitchen solutions products; In line with the human, environment and product-oriented policies determined within the framework of Quality, Environment, Energy, Occupational Health and Safety and Product Safety; commits to

  • To continuously increase company performance and production efficiency, to provide information and necessary resources for the realization of all goals and objectives,Ensure information safety and business continuity by making investment in high technology in all its activities and focusing use of such technology,
  • To ensure information security and business continuity by investing in high technology in all its activities and taking care to use it,
  • To ensure that our products are affordable, easily accessible, of high quality, safe and affordable in a competitive environment in the domestic and foreign markets,
  • To manage relations with stakeholders in a transparent manner and with a common mind by reviewing the goals and objectives,
  • To ensure customer satisfaction by continuously improving all applied standards,
  • To ensure that employees, visitors and interns are properly trained to understand and manage occupational health and safety, environment, energy, quality and product safety rules and activities
  • To encourage active participation of its employees and to provide an open communication environment,
  • To continuously improve all processes by preventing danger at its source and effectively managing risks,
  • Working with zero accident principle on occupational health and safety,
  • Preventing pollution at its source and reducing environmental risks, reducing the environmental impact of our products with a life-cycle approach, using energy and natural resources responsibly and efficiently
  • To comply with applicable legal and other requirements as required by all applicable standards.
  • Developing suppliers,
  • To support the supply of energy efficient products and services that affect energy performance,
  • To be aware of the social responsibility of sustainability together with its employees and suppliers,
  • Evaluating the risks regarding product safety, hygiene and food defense in all processes from material supply to delivery of the product to the customer, taking preventive measures, limiting accessibility, and minimizing vulnerability,
  • To maintain an equal distance to all persons, organizations, regardless of language, religion, race, gender, culture or opinion, within the framework of ethical principles in internal and external communication.