• Food preservation capability determines the quality and the usefulness of PVC cling film. The essential saving and benefit are achieved by preventing food from getting rotten and being thrown away! It is also important that the PVC cling film is sticky enough to prevent the wrapped product from opening itself, but the consistency of the stick should let the film be opened without difficulty when needed. In the aluminum foil, the thickness of the foil provides heat retention / insulation, and also the ability to form the packaged product and avoiding the tearing unintentionally.
  • The smaller the number of holes per square decimeters (a square of 10cmx10cm) on an aluminum foil, the greater the ability to retain heat and the durability (resistance to tearing) increases as the possibility of "crack initiation" decreases with the result of decreasing holes. ... "Single layer wrapping with thick foil is always more economical than double layer wrapping with thin foil!"
  • The main thing is to select the appropriate material for the usage area and the purpose of that usage area ... and to make the "conscious" preference with own initiative when selecting the appropriate material.