Sera Aluminum Foil, with thickness and brightness, offers superior quality hygienic product. It does not burn, stick, tear or break apart.

  • It keeps your food warm and cold.
  • It prevents the food from drying out and burning during cooking. Therefore, the harmful substances generated by burning are prevented.
  • You can protect the food from external factors by wrapping them with aluminum foil.
  • It provides an elegant appearance decoratively.


Sera Smart Foil helps to make the cooking process more practical in the kitchen. The outer surface is designed as aluminum foil while the inner surface is designed as baking paper. The aluminum outer surface takes the shape of food and isolates the meal. The inner surface,the wax paper, provides the food be cooked without sticking and gets rid of the tray lubrication process. Healthy and hygienic. It is ideal for cooking in the oven, steaming in the oven and roasting. It is safe at 220 degrees oven temperature.


Sera Baking Paper which is designed to enrich the images, taste and aroma of cooking foods, is produced in the highest quality with hygienic and conditions.

  • Both sides of Sera Baking Paper are non-sticky. With Sera Cooking Wax Paper, you do not have to oil your tray and cooking utensils.
  • Using Sera Baking Paper, you can cook your food such as pastry, meat, vegetables, potatoes healthy without using oil.
  • Sera Baking Paper enhances the look and taste of your food.
  • It's very easy to use. Pull the paper from the roller as much as you need it, cut it, place it on the tray, preheat the oven not over 220 ° C. After placing your food on the paper, place the tray in the oven and cook it as recommended.
  • Because your food will be cooked on the Sera Baking Paper, Your trays will keep clean and nowhere will be sticky. You will get rid of scraping your trays or dealing with hard dirt just by a light wash in warm water.
  • You can easily use Sera Cooking Wax Paper in the oven, fridge and microwave oven.


The foods are cooked balanced with their own juice. It preserves nutrients and natural flavor. It shortens the cooking time. Your tray and oven remain clean.

  • It provides a healthy and fat-free way to cook foods while preserving their vitamins and nutritional values.
  • It can also be used in microwave with plastic clips in the package.
  • Sera Roasting Bag does not stick to food and baking tray and does not burn.


The benefits of steaming for health have been known for centuries, but it has always been the way taking long time. It was so far! Now, with the Sera Microwave Steam Cooking System, you can combine the flavor and nutritional features of steam cooking with the microwave which makes your life easier!


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